Nothing Shines, Protects or Beads Better!
Nothing Shines, Protects or Beads Better!
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Evil Shine® Synthetic Clay Bar
Evil Shine® Synthetic Clay Bar

Evil Shine® Synthetic Clay Bar

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Evil Shine's® Synthetic Clay Bar easily decontaminates, cleans and smooths your vehicle's painted surface leaving it clean and silky smooth for your polish / sealant.

Our clay bar safely removes surface contaminants such as bugs, bird droppings, environmental fallout, rainwater stains, brake dust and other harmful contaminants with less marring than traditional clay bars.  The thick sponge backing is designed for maximum lubricant absorption and easy handling.

You can expect superior results from Evil Shine's® clay bar on applications such as paint, chrome, glass, rubber, vinyl and plastic finishes*.

After you've properly washed and dried your vehicle, move it to a shaded area and let it cool.  Do NOT use the awesome clay bar in sunlight or on a vehicle that isn't cool to the touch.  Never place the clay bar in sunlight or let it get warm.

For even more awesome results use with Evil Shine's® Waterless Wash & Polish.

Fill a clean bucket with 1-gallon of clean water and add one cap full of Evil Shine's True Waterless Wash and Polish and mix.  Place your Awesome Clay Bar in the mix, getting it damp.  Lightly mist (use the mist setting on your sprayer's bottle) a 2' x 2' section and working from the top of the vehicle down in a back in forth motion, gently rub the Awesome Clay Bar over the panel. Wipe off residue with a tagless, clean microfiber towel.

For heavily contaminated areas, repeat process.  Make sure to wash your Awesome Clay Bar frequently to wash off contaminants.  Should you drop your bar, simply rinse it off.

When you're finished using your Evil Shine® Flawless Bar, simply rinse it off and store in a cool, dry place for later usage.

* Vinyl, graphics and stripes are made in various grades and encounter various environmental factors. Always test an inconspicuous area before using a clay bar on these materials.

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